Anikó (44), violinist

We had found Hana on a teacher locator site 4 years ago. I was looking for a teacher for my sons, and my preference was to find someone, who is fluent, and can inspire them to converse only in English. My tactic had paid off well, because both of them can communicate and comprehend English well now. Hana is very flexible, and can feel what motivates and inspires my children. In school, there isn’t enough time left for communication, because the focus is on grammar most of the time. Hana however, makes sure, that the kids remain in conversation. In my opinion, the only way to learn a language, is when we can use it in our daily life. Similarly, when  babies begin to talk; they listen, then copy, and then understand, and so on. Then the grammar will adjust naturally. Nowadays, I have more time on my hands, because my oldest son has moved abroad to study, so I also use Hana’s services. I really enjoy the lessons.

Ildikó (34), non-verbal communication and body language trainer 

It was always very challenging for me to refine my English to a more sophisticated level. The study patterns from the past could never really registered well with me, presumably, because I wasn’t living in an English speaking environment. Hana’s method adjusts to the student’s personality, goals, and actual life situations, therefore it conveys the skills and knowledge subjectively to the student. She is an open minded and positive person, so she can effortlessly provide a stress free environment for a student, so it is much easier to converse and develop one’s communication skills, plus her lessons are a lot of fun. I am glad, that I had found Hana through a referral. I strongly recommend her to those, who got fed up with ineffective and unsuccessful language learning methods.

Eszter (44), management coordinator

I really like Hana’s lessons. For once, because the lessons are fun, and we always utilize the maximum amount of time. Even at times, when I didn’t have enough time to prepare for the lessons, she always tailored the conversation topics, as well as the pace to my personality, lifestyle, and preferences. She speaks English beautifully, just like a native speaker. It is a joy listening her talking. My pronunciation has improved a lot, and I use my English much more confidently now, than in the past.

Norbert (37), head of software development

We had found a common tune and pace already on our first lesson, which has been the underlying tone of our lessons ever since. We put the focus on speech and communication. The corrections of the mistakes I make don’t interrupt my storytelling, and I always get the essential feedback on them. We can work together very effectively both on the in-person lessons, as well as on our Skype sessions. We both can be flexible with unplanned schedule adjustments. Besides the improvement of my English, it is also important for me, that we can converse on mutually interesting topics, on which, we can express our opinions, discuss our thoughts, share our experiences. I get all these from Hana to a maximum extent.

Csenge (18), student

I have spent almost a year with Hana. The program was very intensive as we had lessons every single day. My communication and grammar was lacking bad. But thanks to the everyday coaching sessions I developed my communication and got a little better day by day, which helped my confidence and courage to use the language. Hana guided me in a very kind and gentle way, and gave me space and attention to figure out my own way of communication. She helped me a lot with my lack of self-confidence. She showed me how to find my own way and find the beauty and fun of the English language. I am happy that she let me find my own way.

Eva (45), attorney

I was searching for an English teacher, who could help me to prepare for an international conference. This is how I’ve found Hana on the internet. I’ve always liked learning English, especially from the grammar and reading-writing aspects. Because of these, I was almost unable to speak and communicate in English. On Hana’s coaching sessions we were only speaking in English. We focused on my personal stories, which we expanded as we went along in the program. Hana is amazingly patient and makes sure that the lessons are not just about development, but they are also fun and diverse. In a given conversation, she feels exactly how much help she needs to give and when, so she can accommodate the student in moving forward from his or her lack of knowledge or confidence.

Peter (41), software architect

The hint method just simply works since all piece of the method is well constructed and serves efficiency and the continuous improvement. Since I work with American colleagues, besides improving my language skills my goal was to get more familiar with American culture. Sometimes we utilised our sessions to replay and analyse meeting situations which really helped my integration to the team and also made my communication more efficient. Hana is always open for discussing any personal or professional issues and she is great in turning the conversation to a hint method lesson. She is just awesome.

Balazs (41), IT Lead

The classes with Hana are the peak events of my days. She is a bilingual English coach with many years of experience, and additionally her personality is awesome. I was looking for a coach to help me advancing my English. My main goal was to improve my English communication to stand my ground, as I work at a multinational company, specifically in the IT sector. I wanted to be more diverse and expressive, as well as fluent with better grammar. The scheduling of the classes is easy, as Hana is very flexible and she always tries to accommodate my scheduling requests. I have already completed a 3 months program, and now I’m in the second quarter of a 12 months VIP program, which I am very happy with. I can feel the advancement on  my English from week to week. My native speaking colleagues are also noticing my developments. If you have the necessary commitment to advance your English, I highly recommend Hana, as I think she is the best choice. Her unique program is filled with diverse exercises that cover many areas of communication styles.