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Conversation Boosting

Conversation is one of the major building blocks of human interactions. When everyday communication isn’t flowing in a foreign language as smoothly as it does in our native tongue, it is very difficult to expand in other directions to verbally express ourselves. For example, if we are not fluent in everyday English, we cannot be fluent in business English.

If we lack the foundation of effective communication in any language, we can loose very important relationships both personally and in business, as a result.

I can help you to enrich your verbal communication and self-expression in English by the use of visual story-telling techniques which I’ve developed over the course of years. We do not use conventional text books or mainstream learning methods. Your study material is based on your life, your stories, opinions, and interests. When you are learning to communicate in English with me, I gently direct you to a point in the conversation, where you feel the flow of the language. This is the point, when your intuition takes over your intellect and you find your words instinctively.

Speech Training

If you want to fully adopt the language, it is also essential to become familiar with the various English dialects. Accent training is also part of the program, with the goal to train your speech and strengthen your pronunciation in a specific dialect.


My coaching program is interactive and personalized in its entirety. As you delve deeper into the program with me, it shall be very exciting for you to discover that your confidence will not only grow when you actively engage in conversations with other English speakers, but you will feel authentic and comfortable in your own verbal communication style, as well.


Becoming bilingual does not have to be so difficult.

The hint method is my revolutionary approach which teaches you to use your intuition and emotional intelligence to adopt a foreign language by staying within the frames and comfort of your day-to-day life, and then expand it further to more specific areas, such as business, art, sports, following the trails of your curiosity.


Developing English Communication Skills Intuitively

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