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Improving the Quality of Conversations

One of the most fundamental pillars of human interactions is the ability to hold a conversation. When our day-to-day communication in a second language does not flow as easily as it does in our mother tongue, it can be difficult to stretch in other directions to verbally express ourselves. For example, we cannot be fluent in English, as it is used in business, if we are not fluent in English, as it is used in everyday life.

We run the risk of jeopardizing critical personal and professional relationships if we lack the foundational skills required for effective communication in any language.

I can help you enrich your spoken English and your ability to express yourself in English by using visual story-telling techniques that I’ve developed over a long period of time. We do not use traditional textbooks or other methods that are commonly used in the educational system. Your life, including your stories, opinions, and hobbies, serves as the foundation for your study material. When we are working together, I will gently guide you to a point in the conversation where you can get a sense of the natural flow of the language. This is the point at which your intuition takes over your mind and you find the words you need almost automatically.

Speech Training

If you want to fully master the language, it is also essential to become familiar with the various English dialects. Accent training is also part of the program, with the goal of training your speech and strengthening your pronunciation in a specific dialect.


My coaching program is entirely interactive and personalized. As you progress through the program with me, you will find that not only will your confidence grow when you talk to other English speakers, but you will also feel more natural and comfortable with the way you communicate.

Multilingual Abilities

Being multilingual does not have to be such a difficult task.

The hint method is my revolutionary approach which teaches people how to use their intuition and emotional intelligence to learn a foreign language by first using it in the comfort of their daily lives and then expanding it into more specialized areas like business, art, sports, and so on, by following genuine interests that lead them there.


Developing English Communication Skills Intuitively

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