Coaching Program Requirements

My coaching program is a considerable investment in your life.

I suggest you make your decision before you commit to it.

In short, be serious about advancing your communication skills, and be dedicated and present in body, mind and spirit throughout the full duration of the program.

The program is for you, if  you…


  • want to be an amazing conversationalist in English.
  • have a specific goal, such as an important meeting, a presentation, a performance, a theatre play, a film audition, a movie shoot, an English exam, anything that requires preparation.
  • are moving to an English speaking country or you want to work abroad.
  • want to build strong and long-lasting international relationships or you wish to join global human communities or networks.



  • Speak, read, and write in English coherently, better than a beginner.
  • Allocate time from your schedule for the entire length of the coaching program.
  • Commit your allocated time for the entire length of the coaching program.
  • Have a goal for completing the coaching program.
  • Be devoted and persistent to reach this goal.

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