About the hint method

There has to be a less stressful way to adopt a new language … 

hint’ as a word exists both in the English and the Hungarian vocabulary with different meanings, however. In English, it means an indirect indication or suggestion, like a whisper of an idea. In Hungarian, it means to delicately scatter something, like a seed in the soil or powdered sugar on a cake. By reading on, you will soon understand, why I chose to call my coaching method as such …

The backstory

It has been almost a decade since I opened my English language coaching practice. As time went on, I took notice of an underlying issue most of my students were struggling with; major emotional stress and discomfort due to feeling inadequate. They felt their communication lacked skill and finesse, despite the many years they spent learning the language.

I understood very quickly one of the core issues to concentrate on. Sadly, conventional language educators, such as schools and language institutions are not focusing on speech and communication. They push rules, regulations and level systems on students. Children and adults are spending their precious time and energy preparing for exams, memorizing dictionaries, reciting grammar books. Despite the excitement of a successfully passed language exam, most students still feel pressure, stress and discomfort when they have to use the language out in the real world. Many of them are afraid to communicate, because they simply don’t have the practice of conversation, regardless of the many years they spent in schools learning the language.

Since the opening of my practice, people have been coming to me with specific goals and expectations to better their English communication skills in a certain area that is important to them. Executives preparing for important meetings, actors getting ready for film auditions, students for language exams, and others for job interviews. In my observation, they all shared a common difficulty, which was the lack of effortless fluency in their everyday communication.

How can we expect to be ready for anything complex, if we are missing the foundation?

The essence

With the hint method, I teach you to speak English from feeling, from your heart. I believe, that language learning is not only a science, but it is also a form of art. Speech activates in the left side of the brain, which is the systematic side. On the the other hand, language is using the right side of the brain, which functions for successful social communication amongst many other emotionally driven activities. As children, it is essential for us to learn the means and the knowhow to verbally express our emotions and our inner world. We learn this firsthand on our native tongue. Alongside, we also develop a natural tendency to convey our stories with our own emotional content to our social environment. We carry this propensity through adulthood.

When it comes to learning effective communication in a foreign language, we should follow the same pattern. In the beginning, we should learn to express our inner world through verbal communication and then we can focus on understanding our outer surroundings. Believe it or not, all of the languages of the world are encoded in us. With the right knowhow, we are all able to open these channels. In my practice, I have been successfully helping clients to apply their intuition and emotional intelligence to effectively and authentically develop their spoken English.

With the hint method, I help you to advance your English conversation skills by guiding you along to find your own unique voice in a language other than your native tongue. You won’t be learning anything new, merely using the human ability you already possess, which is your intuition.

The method

The the hint method is an entirely communication based, fully interactive, one-on-one language coaching program for English as a second language speakers. It is designed to fit your personality and communication style. The focus is on you in our conversations. We talk about your life, your interest and opinions, work, goals, plans and dreams. In essence, your stories. Within each conversation, I guide you to use your intuition and emotional intelligence to convey your stories more effectively. Our focus is on constructing stories together. As we go deeper in the program, we are moving from simpler to more complex topics based on your preference. In essence, we are gradually expanding your verbal communication skill set through various forms of conversation practices. Every lesson provides a platform for you to sophisticate and strengthen your authentic conversation style in English.

By the end of the program you will be more confident, your conversations will feel smoother and more authentic. The results you accomplish in the program are preparing you for your own personal next level, which is always defined by your own interest and pace.

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